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Welcome to the Reader’s Only Section of the “Get Packing – The Ultimate Travel Guide” website.

As the number of registered readers develops, this site will develop into a very rich resource for all those interested in travel, and of course this includes all you.

As well as having access to the pages on this website, you will also receive regular newsletters from us which will be informative, valuable and of course an interesting read.

The newsletters will also keep you informed about the competitions that we will be operating during the coming months.

Remember that the major prize will be a week’s holiday in a self contained house in the south of France, northern Italy or Portugal. More on this later!

The“Useful Stuff”section provides a number of tools that will help you with your travels. We hope to develop this section of the site into a portal that will support you whilst you are away from home. Amongst the tools already in this group are:

  • a regularly updated Travel News section to keep you up to date with what is going on in travel around the world
  • News From Home, which provides up to date snippets of information from the ABC the The Australian news sources in Australia, as well as the NZBC
  • World Weather provided courtesy of SBS in Australia, offering current weather forecasts for almost anywhere on the surface of the globe that you can think of
  • Currency conversion rates for both the Australian and New Zealand dollars
  • Reference to a couple of Travel Lifetyle Quiz sites referred to in our book
  • As well as links to many other useful travel sites around the world.

Our Blog and Forum sections rely upon our visitors to interact with us and with other members of the reader’s group to use these as a chance to interact, share hints and tips and travel stories with us and with each other.