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The following text represents a short extract from Chapter 2:

If your plans are to travel with others outside your immediate family, then the needs of these others must also be considered. If you have taken on the task of putting the trip together, then ensure that you are aware of any particular issues that others in the group may have. These may include dietary requirements, special needs, bedding preferences, etc.

If the group is to remain together during the trip, then it is possible that a number of compromises may be necessary in order to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.



We have found that when planning a trip involving a group, it is useful to include some times within the itinerary for individual members of the group to “do their own thing”. This gives the chance for everyone to feel less constricted by meeting the needs of the group.

Despite the issues discussed above, we nevertheless believe that travelling with a group has significant advantages that can often more than offset the chances of problems.

Amongst these are the ability to share your own experiences of the places you have visited and things that you have seen with others in the travelling party. It’s amazing how a chat at the end of the day about your adventures can result in very interesting discussions and re-evaluations of your own initial thoughts.

Group travel may offer significant cost benefits in many cases, and if you are thinking of travelling with a group, then you should take some time to search for group or family discounts that may benefit you. You can carry out this search either through your travel agent, or online via the internet.